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Welcome to the captain's quarters.

{ 1997 || AroAce || He/Him }
Just a nerd that loves animation, comics, sci-fi, and art. I'm relatively passive and more than happy to make friends. I enjoy drawing, writing, RP, and a myriad of other things!I am a psyche student with my focus in sexuality and harm prevention! So no antis, please.

Other Sites

DNIs are just virtue signaling tbh, but since it needs to be said:I'm anti-censorship, anti-thought crime, profiction, and prokink. I am also an adult. If these things make you uncomfortable, please simply block or mute me.
Do whatever you need to keep yourself healthy!
That said, I am not comfortable interacting with minors any longer. Please do not contact me, follow me on ArtFight, etc. if you are a minor.

Who do I block?

  • I use blocktogether & blockchain

  • Nazis, rightwingers, fascists, etc.

  • Antivax, anti-psychiatry (that includes the anti-sex crowd), zionists, etc.

  • Pro-contact zoophiles, pedophiles, necrophiles / etc.

  • TERFs, radfems, transphobes, antis, kink critical (all the same thing)

  • Anyone who bullies, harasses, or posts callouts on others

  • People using slurs against others (this is not reclamation) (see "fascists" again lol)

  • AutismSpeaks supporters

  • PETA supporters

  • Minors engaging with 18+ content (get off the net! you are not safe! adults should NEVER be showing you these things!)

I don't even want you interacting with my content if you're any of the above. Even the joking "lets bring bullying back" crowd. Obviously I can't stop you, but if I notice, you'll be hard blocked.
(Probably reported, too, when applicable.)

Current indie stuff I'm interested in.
While I enjoy these, I do not automatically support the creators (see: MP).

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